a corner

a corner

Living in a house full of mess and chaos, I need a space to call my own, even if it’s just a corner. Tucked at the far end of the knock-through sitting room, in an alcove beside the fireplace, are three wide shelves, built for me by my Dad. Below them, an old wooden bureau, picked up for £30 at the local auction house. Its top pulls down to create a small desk. This bureau, out of the way of small fingers, is where I store my laptop, notebooks, pens, and all things stationery. The shelves above house a collection of particular treasures, including some of my vintage cameras, my knitting basket and the dala horse. Some favourite poetry books, my current reads for #theyearinbooks, my Persephones and a stack of magazines: Kinfolk, Oh Comely and 3091 Quarterly. On the top shelf, out of sight here, are my craft books, and a huge jar filled with vintage plastic knitting needles in a rainbow of colours. My favourite polaroids are stuck along the bottom shelf, and on the adjacent mantelpiece, a painting bought from a charity shop some years ago.

It’s only a small corner, but it’s mine. I still dream of the workroom that I had in our last house: a large original Victorian loft room, with high ceilings and a huge VELUX window. We painted the walls and floorboards white, and the light streamed in from the window onto my sewing machine table. It was a wonderful space for photography, always bright, and with the gently distressed white floorboards providing the perfect background. Perhaps one day I shall have a studio of my own again, but in the meantime, I have my little corner, and I’m really rather fond of it.

Do you have a space to call your own?



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  • Oh my goodness, you’ve got ME dreaming of that workroom in your last house – it sounds wonderful!
    I love your corner too though – sometimes thats all you need (sort of). Lets change A Room of One’s Own to a Corner of One’s Own. I sometimes miss my old house in The Hague. It was built in 1894 and had lovely high ceilings. The house I live in now is very much to my satisfaction, but modern houses just don’t have that same atmosphere as the old ones.. Anyway, enjoy your corner and don’t allow anyone else to touch it!)

  • I have a big double bedroom earmarked as a craft room. Sadly it is full of unpacked boxes and random detritus which has yet to find a final resting place so it is my spare room of despair rather than a crafting room. However it is on my list to do!

  • I have a tiny corner for myself too. It’s a space in our home office. Most of it is for my husband and kids, but I finally claimed a corner, right next to the window, for myself about a year ago. I have a desk, my yarn and fabric, crafting books, and a shelf and pinboard for treasures.

  • Lovely picture! At the moment our house it a complete building site, but when it’s over I shall have my space back, in slightly different form… Can’t wait!

  • What a lovely corner full of treasures. I too live in a full house, so although I have a little shelf space I don’t have a desk. I dream of a room of my own as well. The garage would convert beautifully. But then where would we put the garage stuff? There’s no likelihood of a room of my own, but I’m happy with a laptop that lives in the corner on top of my sewing machine and vintage typewriter and a little shelf space.

  • I would love to know what all those craft books are on those shelves of yours. Your space is wonderful and how nice that your dad built them for you 🙂 Very special.