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To say that I love cameras would probably be a bit of an understatement. In fact, borderline obsession is a more accurate description of my feelings towards them. I am rarely parted from my beloved DSLR, and when I don’t have it ready, my phone camera is on hand (in conjunction with Instagram– another obsession of mine). I have also rediscovered the thrill of analogue photography. My very first camera- a beautiful Olympus Trip, given to me by my Dad on my 15th birthday- was gathering dust in the loft until recently when I brought it down, had it serviced and re-loaded it with film. Nowadays I cannot resist a vintage camera. Even if they don’t work, I love the aesthetic of them and will always rescue one if I spot it in a charity shop or car boot sale.

My long-suffering husband is used to posing for, waiting for, or arranging children for “just one more” photograph. Earlier this week, he came back from the local auction rooms with one lot in particular circled in the catalogue- a mixed box of second-hand cameras. He bid on it for me and got it for a song. Some of the cameras were neither useful nor beautiful, but in amongst them was an analogue Canon, a vintage Kodak Brownie and a unused, boxed Fujifilm Instax.

As the pictures above testify, the boys were particularly taken with the Brownie and carried it around all afternoon crying: “say cheese! click, click!”. I was most interested in the Instax. Since receiving  Susannah Conway’s fantastic book, Instant Love for Christmas, I have been desperate for an instant camera of my own. Granted, what I would really love is a Polaroid SX-70, but in the meantime the opportunity to practice with an Instax is fantastic. I can’t wait to take real instant photographs (unlike the ones above, which were edited using Picmonkey!) I shall be stalking the postie whilst I wait for my first packs of film to arrive.

Do you have a camera that you love?



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  • A lovely post and lovely pictures. I have just moved on from my trusty Praktica, which I’ve loved for over 20 years. I miss the anticipation of the arrival of a pack of photos. Enjoy!

  • I am NUTS about old cameras, too! It must have been so exciting delving through your mystery box of cameras (and it sounds like you have some real winners there).

    I love my Instax, I’m sure you’ll all have masses of fun with it – whenever I use it and there are small kids about it BLOWS THEIR MIND! 🙂