April 24, 2013

cherry blossom in bud

cherry blossom in a vase

cherry blossom

cherry blossom on a mantel

Now that the warmer weather is here, the garden is finally beginning to bud and sprout. This week, for Nature in the Home, Lou suggested a little foraging. I didn’t have to go far for these twigs of cherry blossom, just to the tree outside the sitting room window! Such a fabulous shade of pink…

16 thoughts on “cherry blossom in bud

  1. Angie

    Hello there! Wow such pretty blossom!! – it’s it so great that Spring has finally sprung here! Ice creams at the ready! I found your blog via Lovely This is your Kingdom. Via Twitter… wonderful to meet another local blogger and crafter! All best wishes, Angie http://dishesundressed.blogspot.com 😀

  2. Truly Myrtle

    You know, every time I pop over here I am inspired to open my windows, clean my house, pick flowers and bake. Do you think you could move next door? Then I might actually get around to it!!

  3. Helen

    What a gorgeous colour! Love it against the white background too, makes me want to get the white paint out and attack my fireplace and walls!x

  4. Rebecca Alexis

    These are just super fabulous! Love them. I have a little crush on cherry blossoms. There is just something so wholesome and promising about them. They look just beautiful here. xo


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