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March 21, 2017

the year in books :: March 2017

I have just a few pages left to read of February’s Book, The Comet Seekers. It’s a truly lovely novel, haunting and original, its characters and narratives tied together by the comets in the skies.  For March, I’ve chosen The Secret Lives of Colour, a fascinating book that I first came across in Daunt Books. This is one that I anticipate dipping in and out of, and I look forward to getting lost in its pages. Read on for the details of how The Year in Books works…

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February 13, 2017

The Year in Books :: February 2017

January’s book, This is Not a Diet Book, was a refreshing inspiration. I’d recommend it to anyone  looking to re-think their diet or improve their relationship to food. For February, I’ve chosen a love story that was recommended to me during last month’s Twitter Chat. Judging it by its beautifully embroidered cover, I feel fairly certain that The Comet Seekers is a novel that I’m going to love.

Read on for the details of how The Year in Books works…

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January 6, 2017

the year in books :: January 2017

Three years ago, when my youngest was just a baby, and I was sleep-deprived, book-deprived and- it felt to me- sanity-deprived, I made a pledge to myself. In an attempt to return to my bookaholic ways (in a previous life, before children, I was an English student who could devour a book in an afternoon), I decided that I would read one book a month. For the sake of accountability, I chose to record those books via this blog. Thus, The Year in Books was born. read more

December 9, 2016

pyjamas and a book :: Christmas 2016


Last year, I wrote about our family Christmas Eve tradition for the giving of pyjamas and books. Each of my boys is each given a single present to open in front of a roaring fire. Inside is a new pair of pyjamas, to cuddle up in on the most exciting night of the year, ready to tiptoe downstairs on Christmas morning, and a book with a festive theme. Our growing collection of these, mostly gathered from charity shops throughout the year, is stored away in a box in the loft, brought down at the start of advent.

I received a truly lovely response to the post, with people commenting that they too gave pyjamas, or a book, or both on Christmas Eve, and giving me some fabulous suggestions for festive books. As a result, I thought that I would once again share with you my book choices, in the hope that they may inspire you, or that you in turn may inspire me with some book choices of your own!

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