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January 16, 2017

blue skies for Monday

The only sort of blue that I want on this dreary Monday is the blue of the sky and an echoing reflection in the sea. Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the weather or the relentless unsettling news, but last week left me feeling more than a little glum. Bundling up the boys in boots, coats and scarves, we took ourselves to the shore. We collected sea glass (‘whimsies’, a lady on the beach called them), strolled along the pier and ate our first ice creams of the year at the water’s edge. Breathing in huge gulps of salty air is always the best balm for the soul.

I hope that Monday hasn’t left you feeling blue.

November 21, 2016

weekend adventures & wrapping up warm


Weekends are always precious, but as the days grow ever darker and colder, and the hours of daylight dwindle, the time available for adventuring shrinks to just a few hours. My Granny used to call them ‘ten-til-two’ days, these Saturdays and Sundays at the close of the year. I didn’t just inherit my curls and my love of baking from Gran, I picked up her love of a good day trip, too!

Last Sunday, we set off to spend the day at one of our family’s favourite haunts, grabbing a flask of tea, a camera (of course!), and as many wooly layers as we could find.  When it comes to clothes, Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite seasons. I’m fond of summer dresses and sandals, but it’s the comfort of thick tights, shearling-lined boots and gorgeous knitwear that really brings me joy.

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