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May 23, 2014

a cake for the weekend :: cinnamon cookies

cinnamon cookies-4

As a child, visiting family in Canada for Christmas, I spent the morning at a living history museum. We experienced various aspects of life as it would have been in pioneer times, including baking in a reconstruction kitchen. The cookies that we baked were small, sweet and flavoured with dusky cinnamon. Perhaps I hadn’t really come across the spice before, perhaps I inhaled rather a lot of it, but for whatever reason, the smell of cinnamon has always had a Proustian affect on me, transporting me back to that dark kitchen on a snowy day.

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April 17, 2014

a cake for the weekend :: Easter biscuits

Easter Biscuits :: Circle of Pine Trees

The Easter weekend is a bumper time for baking. There are so many lovely treats at this time of year. I’ve been baking Hot Cross Buns for a few years now, with limited success but since my Hobbs House masterclass, I am infinitely more confident when it comes to baking bread. This year, as one of my #52loavesproject bakes, I followed the Baker Brothers’ recipe, and ended up with a batch of buns to be proud of!

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March 28, 2014

a cake for the weekend :: simnel cake

simnel cake :: circle of pine trees

Since making my Primavera Crown, I have been eyeing the primroses in the back garden. It occurred to me that I could have a try at crystallising some in order to decorate a cake. Simnel cake is one particular cake that is traditionally decorated with crystalised spring flowers. It is a favourite of my Mum’s, and is also a cake traditionally associated with Mother’s Day (originally having been given by girls who worked in service to their mothers on their days off.) Serendipity having taken a hand, I picked some primroses and gathered the ingredients for a Simnel Cake.

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March 7, 2014

a cake for the weekend :: rhubarb and orange cake

rhubarb and orange cake :: circle of pine trees

When I passed by our local greengrocers the other morning, I spotted a large box of rhubarb on the table outside. It was, the greengrocer assured me, Yorkshire rhubarb. There is no finer rhubarb, and I couldn’t have left without a sizeable bundle – not only do I have a particular fondness for rhubarb, but I also have a good deal of Yorkshire blood in my veins.

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