September 20, 2013

Canon FT QL :: a vintage SLR film camera




I’ve been looking for an SLR film camera for quite a while now. When it comes to shooting film, my Olympus Trip will always be my first love, but the more that I shoot in analogue, the more that I want to use a camera with a little more control.

I found this gorgeous Canon FT QL at the local auction house and it was L O V E. I mean, just look at it. That is one beautiful camera. Not only that but it has a 50mm 1.8 lens- which is pretty much my favourite lens- and it’s Canon, and I really am a Canon girl. So, needless to say, I put a bid in… and then crossed my fingers, and waited…

Sometimes cameras go for rather a lot at the auction but this month I was lucky and when I phoned up the auction house at the end of the day, it turned out that I had got it for a song- cue a happy dance all around the kitchen!

It currently resides in the camera repair shop, where they are checking it over, cleaning it up and hopefully replacing the battery in the light meter too. In the meantime, I am stocking up on 35mm film (from the Pound Shop, of all places) and getting excited about shooting my first roll with it in a week or so.

8 thoughts on “Canon FT QL :: a vintage SLR film camera

  1. dottycookie

    And I bet your results will be gorgeous. My husband had the same lens on our old Canon – it absolutely revolutionised the way I take pictures. For the first time I really *looked* before I pressed the shutter.

  2. Annie @ knitsofacto

    I still have my old SLRs, and the option to borrow all my Dad’s but I never think to get them out … I guess because I only really take pics to share online these days … thank you for the reminder to play more with my old toys, and wishing you lots of fun with yours 🙂


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