a cake for the weekend :: Easter biscuits

Easter Biscuits :: Circle of Pine Trees

The Easter weekend is a bumper time for baking. There are so many lovely treats at this time of year. I’ve been baking Hot Cross Buns for a few years now, with limited success but since my Hobbs House masterclass, I am infinitely more confident when it comes to baking bread. This year, as one of my #52loavesproject bakes, I followed the Baker Brothers’ recipe, and ended up with a batch of buns to be proud of!



Making Easter Biscuits :: Circle of Pine Trees

Easter Biscuits :: Circle of Pine Trees

On Easter Sunday, I usually indulge in a chocolate nest cake, but in the days beforehand, it’s good to have some Easter biscuits in the tin, ready to be nibbled with a cup of tea. Buoyed by my hot cross bun success, I used the Easter biscuit recipe from the Fabulous Baker Brothers book. It’s a beautifully simple recipe, made using the traditional Cassia oil (although you can substitute mixed spice). Crumbly, buttery, currant-studded, with a caster sugar crunch. Most of this batch went with us on a picnic, to be eaten from an enamel plate, on a blanket, in a field of dandelions. What could be more perfectly spring-like than that?


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