Bryncyn : chasing the light

welsh house light

Chasing light. I suppose, in a way, that all photography is about exactly that; it’s light that makes a photograph possible, after all. My favourite photographs are often those where light itself is the subject of the image. Pictures of light are the most fleeting of moments captured: if I see a shadow or a sunbeam, I have to shoot it right away, before a cloud covers the sun, or before the light moves, travelling silently on its daily path.  Focusing on light is a lovely way to really, really focus: looking carefully at the light draws the eye to the details that surround it, to the story of that exact instant.

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Last year, we visited Bryn Eglur cottage (The Welsh House) and I fell in love with the magical quality of its light. In the March issue of The Simple Things magazine, I wrote a piece about our trip to The Welsh House, as part of their travel series in partnership with This is Your Kingdom. You can see an excerpt from the piece over on The Simple Things blog, and read more on This is Your Kingdom.

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Following the article’s publication, we were invited back to The Welsh House by owner Dorian Bowen. This time, we stayed at Bryncyn: part traditional Welsh cottage, part innovative modernist abode. It’s not just a stunning location and a gorgeous interior (thanks to Dorian’s impeccable eye and perfect sense of historical preservation) that the two cottages have in common. Both Bryncyn and Bryn Eglur enjoy truly beautiful light.welsh house light-3welsh house light-4

We arrived at Bryncyn in dreary rain, lighting the wood burner and cosying up with blankets and Welshcakes. When we awoke the following morning, however, we were blessed with glorious sunshine: streaming through the windows and leaving its touch on each and every wall.

welsh house light-5

As the boys pulled on their wellies and rushed out to explore the garden and adventure up the muddy lane, I was free to do what I love most of all.

I chased the light.

welsh house IG2-11 welsh house light-12 {Our stay at The Welsh House was gifted to us but all thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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  • We have a little house surrounded by trees and I love the way the light moves through our house during the day. Your beautiful photos and descriptions have inspired me to document the light more here (& made me nostalgic for Wales). Thank-you.
    * Just from the wee glimpse of it, I am fairly certain we have that very same blanket (from Sian at Fforest) on our bed!

  • I love your thoughts on chasing the light. I agree with you so much, and am constantly trying to get better at understanding how my camera can help me to capture differently lit shots.
    I just found your blog and really am enjoying it. Your photographs are just up my street!