January 20, 2014

blinking into the sunlight

blue sky polaroid :: circle of pine trees

{image taken with polaroid spectra & impossible project film}

It has been a tough fortnight. My eldest has been off school with bronchitis. In the meantime, the world shrank to within the walls of our house. Caring for a poorly child is tiring, and emotionally draining, but it’s the cabin fever that gets me every time. Nevermind my plan to take the children outside for half an hour a day, we have barely been able to set foot outside at all. He has been a brave boy and is better now, thank goodness. We are emerging, blinking, into the sunlight.

14 thoughts on “blinking into the sunlight

  1. Helen

    Oh yes, cabin fever is not a good feeling is it? Glad to hear he’s much better now. Hope you get some crisp, sunny days for plenty of outdoor exploration and play x

  2. Penny

    Blah to sickness bugs and cabin fever! Funnily enough cabin fever a few years ago got me back to knitting so I must not moan too much. So pleased your eldest is on the mend, poor soul. Hope you enjoy the rays of sunshine this week xxx

  3. katie

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had to stay in and look after a sick one, it is so depressing not getting out.Glad he’s feeling better now. This photo is lovely and enjoy your fresh air again with an extra deep breath each time. x

  4. Lisa

    Winter in general gives me cabin fever! Whilst the rest of my family are happy to stay home, I feel the need for fresh air and sunlight! Love the photo. Hope your son feels much better.

  5. Lisa

    Not good at all, hope he’s feeling better now. Lovely being at home for a few days, but awful when too long. I remember a month of chickenpox when my girls were 3 and 4. They got it one after the other and time just stood still while I went mad and they tried not to itch.


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