weekending :: beach in winter

gazing :: circle of pine trees

sea wall :: circle of pine trees

bench :: circle of pine trees

stone throwing :: circle of pine trees

sandy hands :: circle of pine trees

the sea :: circle of pine trees

beach huts :: circle of pine trees

beach silhouette :: circle of pine trees

The boys ran along the boardwalk that led through the nature reserve and up the hill towards the sea. As they reached the top of the path, they inhaled deeply the unmistakable saltiness. Blinking from the glare of the sunlight on the waves, they stood perfectly still on the edge of the sea wall, struck into unexpected silence.

It has been too many months since we heeded the siren call of the sea and set off for the beach. We will happily head to the shore in any weather, but a bright, clear winter’s day may be the most perfect conditions of all. Sea air is a miraculous tonic, and after weeks of being cooped up at home, we couldn’t have been more in need of a dose.

Shells were gathered, stones were skipped, sea walls were scaled; sand was squelched, and moulded, and inscribed with sticks. Eddies were splashed in, wellies waded just that little bit too far. Lungs were filled with as much freshness as we could muster. The baby gazed, wide-eyed and was lulled by the murmur of the waves.

Returning home, we were lighter of foot, brighter of spirits and happier of heart. We shall not leave it so long again before we return.

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  • These are such beautiful photos, especially the first and the last shots. I love the light at the beach in wintertime, magical. Can I ask which camera and settings you used here? Laura x

  • Perfect winter beach weather I’d say. We didn’t get as much sun here in St Ives, but Saturday was definitley a day to be on the beach. Me and the boys made the most of it. The weather has been foul since late Saturday. A big part of me prefers the beach in winter. It’s the colours that get me every time.

    Leanne xx

  • Your picture of the beach huts is so pretty, I love the repetition of them one after the other. The waves crashing in the picture above are beautiful too! Glad that you had a nice time, sometimes you just need to feel the wind in your face and look out to sea where there is nothing ahead but nothingness don’t you!! Can you tell that I am missing the sea! xx

  • Hi Laura,

    This post is so poetic and pretty–I’m going to be sharing the link on Friday with my “Joyful Reads for the Weekend” post. We can always use more reminders about the beauty of nature available to us in winter, if we “brave the cold” and go out to look for it. I particularly love the shot of the changing booths. Pure loveliness–thank you for sharing your trip.


  • Certainly looks like it was a pure tonic to mind, body and soul Laura. I try never to take it for granted that I live a few minutes walk from the seaside x

  • I love your photographs and your description of a family day out. I think I love the seaside as much in winter as in summer (in fact am off to a cottage on a cornish beach next week!)

  • What beautiful pictures. You are lucky that on your side of the pond you don’t get lambasted by winter as we do! Even the St.Lawrence River freezes over in most places near Montreal.

    I’m too far from the ocean to be able to breathe in the air so I will have to do so through you. Lovely indeed.

  • Well, I really love your writing, your photos….this little space is so inspiring. I believe I found you via The Habit of Being and am so glad I did. I’ll be “catching up” with your previous posts, knowing I’ll appreciate all the many snippets of beauty you share here.

  • Stopping by via Write Now…glad to have found your space!
    Beautiful photos, beautiful words.
    Wishing I was by the sea inhaling some of that miraculous tonic!