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Last week, on a balmy Thursday, I met with my friends Lou and Cathy at the stunning Wiltshire home of Polly Nicholson, the creative florist behind Bayntun Flowers.
Lou and I met Polly when she taught a hand-tied posy making workshop at The Foodie Bugle. We loved her distinctive, innovative style, the way in which she incorporated hedgerow blooms into her arrangements, and the fact that she used only British flowers, growing almost all of them in her own walled garden. When Polly invited us to visit her for a tour of her garden and workshop, we were delighted to accept.



Polly’s workshop, in the stable block of her Georgian home, is a truly enviable space. Full of character, with fabulous moody light, this cool space is where Polly conditions her blooms in deep buckets of cold water, and where she works her magic, making up posies and bouquets. Here she dries heads of allium from the ceiling and collects interesting receptacles for her arrangements. Behind the stable block, Polly has built a stunning walled garden which is both beautiful and functional; Polly plants everything for a reason, and this is her cutting garden, as well as her vegetable patch. She deliberately chooses unusual or rare varieties of classic flowers, each located with elegant precision in the meticulously well-tended beds. The maroon cornflowers, the petals of which were destined for confetti, were a particular favourite for me.


bayntun-5 bayntun-6 bayntun-7bayntun-11

Along the lane, Polly showed us her flower fields, where she can grow larger quantities. It was an uplifting sight. The clouds of white Ammi Majus, were just fabulous. I should love to try and plant some in my own garden, for a fix of white froth in the weeks after the cow parsley in the lanes has faded.bayntun-8

bayntun-9 bayntun-10bayntun-12It was a wonderful and inspiring morning, and Polly and her family were so welcoming. I could have stayed and snapped pictures all day! Do follow Polly over on Instagram, for floral delights and glimpses of her darling domain. If you’re local, you can buy Polly’s flowers at The Foodie Bugle shop, or contact her to order direct.

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