on the April table, 2015

theapriltableApril has simply run away with me, and her I am squeezing my April table post into the last day of the month! Still, here is the table in the last week of April.

In the vase, bluebells and lilacs, both from the garden. I adore this time of year for flowers. The bluebells are everywhere, in the verges and the woodland. I love watching the boys run along the woodland paths, blazing a trail through a carpet of blue, with fresh green beech leaves overhead. Back in the garden, I always eagerly await the flowering of the lilac. I love its blooms and its gorgeous scent. I’m so delighted to have a lilac tree of my own. Years ago, when I worked in a tiny country school, there was a huge lilac that overhung the playground. As I made my way home on spring evenings, I used to pick a sprig or two to take back to the city with me, its heady scent filling the car on my drive home.

The book, in which I am reading about bluebells and other spring flowers, is a sweet Ladybird wild flower book, which I picked up, along with one about plants, and another about camping, on a visit to the Oxfam bookshop in Chipping Norton. It’s an absolute Aladdin’s cave of a shop!

There is tea, in my favourite mug, sitting on a pretty lace coaster which my parents brought back for me from holiday, and which I re-discovered in a drawer and fell back in love with. Two little white pebbles, from our latest beach trip earlier in the month, a blustery Saturday at Southerndown where the boys scrambled over the rocks and we collected driftwood and made tea in the Kelly Kettle. For me, that’s the stuff of weekend dreams.

Finally, my vintage Canon SLR, which has appeared on the table before, I think. I find myself less inclined to shoot film in the winter, as the light fades, but now that it has returned, I feel the urge to load up this beauty with a fresh film. There’s one inside that is yet to be developed, late summer moments that have been frozen in time. I can’t wait to rediscover them.

Blue, purple and white : the April 2015 table.

{You may remember that there is a piece about my On the Table series in the latest issue of Kindred magazine. My photographs are accompanied by some truly beautiful words from¬†Amanda Mays about tabletop photography¬†and its place in documenting the ‘holiness of the ordinary’. Look out next week for a chance to win a copy of the magazine…}

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  • I love your kitchen tables Laura, I was wondering where this month’s had gone! It is such a perfect idea for a series and a beautiful way to celebrate life. I love that phrase ‘holiness of the ordinary’. ‘Kindred’ looks lovely.
    Those old Ladybird books are the best, I have the autumn one which I adore. Take care and here is to a wonderful May! x

  • I do so love this series Laura. I love lilacs too, alas none in my garden, I shall have to look out for one down the back lane or somewhere where I can pinch a flower or two. It’s wonderful to get a film developed months after the pictures were taken isn’t it. Such a treat to see what’s on there. All those memories come flooding back. I knew that was a Ladybird book, I had a few of them when I was little. They’re lovely aren’t they. Another great post in your series, enjoyable as ever. CJ xx

  • A lovely table of Spring time, ladybird books are great we have a huge box of them I just can’t be parted from. Good to here the bluebells are out in the woods too, we have some in the garden but they are always early I may have to go on a woodland wheelchair adventure soon xx