advent calendar

It’s the first of December tomorrow. This morning, the boys reminded me that it was time to bring the advent calendar down from the loft. I made ours last year, using a hand screen-printed kit from Blueberry Park. Another little addition to our emerging and developing family traditions. Once again, I will be filling it with a mixture of tiny treats and little handwritten slips with festive activities. Here are a few of the ideas that I am planning:

Gingerbread house| Snowflake cookies| Footprint trees| Pom pom garlands| Candycane playdough| Pinecone elves| Homemade marshmallows| Doily snowflakes| Glitter branches| Peppermint bark| Jam jar snowglobes| Sewing a stocking for the baby| Slow cooker hot chocolate| Cranberry chains

There’s every possibility that I am just as excited as the children- I love, love, love this time of year! I’ve been collecting Christmassy inspiration over on Pinterest, if you fancy taking a peek.

Christmas is coming on Pinterest

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