a September wedding








At the start of September, you may remember that I was one of the official photographers at the elegant wedding of my friend Sabrina and her husband. She has been kind enough to let me share a few of my photographs of the wonderful details from their day. It was the second time that I have had the opportunity to practice wedding photography (I took photographs at Annie’s lovely wedding last year), and it is a thrill and an honour to capture some of the many unique and thoughtful elements that make up such a special and personal day. On this occasion, all three of my boys were also guests, so I was once again juggling camera and baby. As a result, there were some moments that I would have loved to have caught, and couldn’t, but thankfully the other photographers were on hand to do so!

If you would like to see some more photographs, including the bride looking extremely gorgeous, do head over to Sabrina’s blog, Wolves in London, where you will also be able to read more about the handmade elements of the day.

In my book, the only thing better than being invited to a good wedding is being invited to photograph one!

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