May 29, 2013

a fragrant posy




Alongside our front steps grows a lavender bush on one side, and a rosemary bush on the other. When Lou asked us to find something green for this week’s Nature in the Home, a fragrant posy suggested itself. Although the two plants look similar, their scents are very different, but nonetheless complementary. Rosemary brings to mind Ophelia, with her “there’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”, whilst Lavender supposedly symbolises love and devotion. This may not be the prettiest of posies, but it does fill the room with a wonderful aroma.

13 thoughts on “a fragrant posy

  1. sylvan

    i agree with the comments you made on this fragrant combination, it is one i use often, however my lavender plant is not looking too happy at present!

  2. max

    i love purple and dark green together. i can’t think what the smell of lavander and rosemary are like combined, but i’m determined to try it in the morning x

  3. Mrs C

    Foraging for Smell, how inspiring! Will try this for posies to fill my home with scent this weekend as we are having a family BBQ.

    And I have to disagree with you about your posy not being the prettiest, I think it has a truly simplistic beauty about it.

    I am a new follower by the way as I’ve come across you from Lou at Littlegreenshed.

  4. katie

    oh, lovely combination, I had a rosemary bush and lavender at my old front door and I do miss running my hand up the stalks as I walked in. I can smell your posy right now, katie x

  5. Jill

    Wonderful, I have just bought both a lavender plant and a rosemary bush from the garden centre today, maybe I should rethink where to plant them as they look so good together in your posie x


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