a fforest adventure

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There is a place where the wild flowers grow: where the paths are lined with fox gloves and red campion, with stitchwort and cow parsley. A place where woodsmoke curls into the clear air and laughter echoes through the trees. Somewhere that feels at once both wild and cosy; welcoming and solitary; where even the smallest details are perfectly planned, and contented days follow on from comfortable nights. It’s a place in which to stay, to play and to dream: it is fforest.

‘fforest is the result ‘ explain founders Sian and James: ‘ of the dream of trying to remember what ‘simple’ can look feel and taste like… to combine the life-enhancing feeling of living outdoors with the simplest of things all wrapped up in the luxury of a magical setting, underpinned by all the design and creative skills that we had learned over the years.’



It is a dream that Sian and James – along with their four sons- have unequivocally achieved. fforest has all the wonderful elements of camping: fresh air; open space; woodsmoke; outdoor cooking; freedom; trips to the beach; starlit nights, morning dew. But it also incorporates simple, wholesome luxuries: bespoke Welsh wool blankets; wood burning stoves; freshly picked flowers; enamelware; heavenly breakfasts; a stone-walled pub and beside the wooden shower block, a ‘vanity’ tent. These are the details that make a stay there truly marvellous.fforest-12


We spent a magical mid-week, blessed with golden evenings and sunny days. It was the first trip away as a family of five where each of us found that we could truly unwind. The children roamed free, exploring and making friends. We curled up in the evenings in front of the stove, awaking refreshed each morning and happily wending our way through the meadow to where a leisurely breakfast awaited, served by ever-helpful fforest ‘elves’. There was time for adventures on the beach, for exploring nearby Cardigan, for supper at the Pizza Tipi, but what we loved most of all were our lazy hours spent at fforest camp.
fforest-15 fforest-21fforest-16The boys declared, unprompted and unanimous, that this was their best EVER holiday: they were as enamoured of it all as we were. If you’ve come across fforest before, perhaps via Instagram, and have thought that it all looks impossibly lovely… believe the hype! It was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. We’re already planning a return visit. This summer, fforest is hosting Gather , a ‘two week long family friendly gathering with  an emphasis on engagement, exchange and fun that makes the best of all fforest has to offer.’ It sounds amazing, with all manner of workshops, talks, walks, performances and activities, all on fforest’s gorgeous site.fforest-7

Everything is better at fforest. Even the sunsets.


I’ve made a little video of our time there, you can view it on Vimeo below…

{Our stay at fforest was gifted to us but all thoughts, opinions and endless gushing are my own.}

A fforest adventure from Laura (circleofpines) on Vimeo.

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