a cake for the weekend




A friend of mine once told me of someone she knew who baked a cake every Sunday afternoon to see the family through the week. I love the idea of this: the picture of gentle domesticity that it conjures of a little Sunday afternoon kitchen pottering, and the thought of a tin with a large cut-and-come-again cake to brighten up the weekdays ahead. My baking, although frequent, is rarely as regular. Towards the start of the week I do often make a batch of after-school snacks, usually something involving oats or fruit (although this week it was chocolate chip cookies as requested for a back to school treat!) My favourite sort of baking however, is on a relaxed Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, preparing a cake for the weekend.

A weekend is always improved by the presence of a cake, either making its presence known on the cake stand, or squirrelled away in a tin away from little fingers. Weekends are the time to put aside the sensible mid-week bakes and make something a tad more decadent, with icing or perhaps chocolate. When we come in from the cold, a cup of tea and a slice of cake is absolute heaven, particularly if the weekend papers are on the table too.

My cake for the weekend this week is the simply divine Lemon-Blueberry Yoghurt Loaf from Smitten Kitchen. It is the sort of easy recipe that I adore: dry ingredients in one bowl, wet in another bowl, mix separately and then combine. I followed the recipe as it stands, and then topped it with a snowy swathe of lemon water icing. Not in the least bit taxing, but the resultant cake is deliciously light with just the right amount of fruitiness. It may not be the weekend quite yet, but it is the cook’s prerogative to sample a slice!

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