a cake for the weekend : dream coconut cake



When I came across a recipe called Dream Coconut Cake, I could not possibly resist baking it. Since spending a year (back in my distant past) living in Thailand, I have had a great fondness for all things coconut. I have been known to make coconut ice, on days when something tooth-achingly sweet is required, but I have never made a coconut cake, let alone a dreamy one. The recipe is Scandinavian, by Signe Johansen via this blog. It was slightly daunting on first reading because it involved baking a genoise sponge, which has always seemed to me to be a rather intimidating cake. The sponge is baked, then topped with a coconut caramel and baked again. As it turned out, the clarity of the recipe meant that the cake was not as tricky to make as I had expected and I even managed it with a small helper in tow. I had hopes that a tray bake would be sufficient to last for the whole long weekend but the light and airy sponge topped with chewy coconut caramel is positively irresistible. I don’t imagine that it will remain very long in the tin!

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